This is a true story derived from Afrimax channel on Youtube.

Meet Vestine 23 sister to Celestine 22 years old. These are siblings but none of them can speak, crawl, walk or do anything. They have been locked inside since their entire life.

They live with their mother who gave birth to them when still in school. She has been lifting them since they were born and this broke her back.

They were both born without any single problem. When trying to crawl and stand, it seemed normal just like all other babies struggle to do so but the problem came when they could not make it to stand. Waiting to hear them talk also bore no fruit.
They were taken to the hospital where the doctors assured the mother that they would walk and talk after some time.

The siblings had the same characteristics when growing up, the older one Vestine by age six, she crawled nicely and all her body organs seemed to be functioning very well. It was very promising that in the coming months, she would start walking but unfortunately she never went passed crawling and speaking.

The mother during an interview with Afrimax English on their Youtube channel admitted that she got terrified when the daughter reached age 5.
At age three she still had hopes of things turning normal with her daughter as she always anticipated.

She farther added that her husband died leaving her with all the burden of raising the children alone. She locks them in the house when going to hustle however, sometimes find them fallen on the floor since they suffer from epilepsy too.

At one point she took them to the disabled school so that they could be taken care of when she was still at school.
She narrated how she was shocked when she went to pick them as they were disabled more than she had left them but the doctors explained that the disability level increased with age. The mother currently lives in a house she bought.
She is a teacher at a nearby school. She has not settled the house bill and asked for an appeal to help her settle it from well wishers.

Below are comments from some of the viewers.

Source: Afrimax YouTube channel

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