Nigerian women are without doubts one of the most hard-working and ambitious ladies in Africa making their own money and trying to live independent on anybody.

Some of these women most time runs their business online and with the help of social media, they gain ground and build their empire from there.

Some of the most paying online businesses these ladies do is online marketing and brand influencing and it pays big if your page has lots of followers which is not a problem for a lady who is beautiful and has taste for good fashion and life.

Nikemi Adenike, a young and ambitious 23 years old girl who is living her life large and taking care of her mother with the best treats a mother would wish for.

The 23 years old born on the 16th of August 1997 is an Instagram model, a brand influencer and she owns alot of businesses to her name including a spa, car company and clothing line.

Nikemi lives large in Lagos, the young lady own a well furnished apartment and drives around Lagos state with a police escort in her Mercedes Benz GLA250 worth millions in naira and it has her own name as the plate number.

See More Photos Of Her Below:-

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