A joyful man trumpets that he’s married to his class captain in primary school who always writes his name in the list of noisemakers after many years.

Many friendships and love from the primary school usually don’t last till the point of marriage, but a young man has held onto his childhood classmate from primary school as he is now joined in union with her.

Remember, that as a class captain, she will be in the position to shield him from punishment or put him right in the center of it.

But the young man has confessed that she writes his name in the list of noisemakers, and of course, he was flogged.

Here’s what he wrote;”

She was my class Captain in primary school and always wrote my name in the list of noise makers but today we are happily married.”

He further stated that,

“She brought a very wonderful man out of spiff. Marry your friend. My pride, you are such a blessing.”

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