A man has accused soldiers of beating him up for expressing his right to freedom of speech.
From The Information Gathered By Sources, Samson Etumudon shared a photo of his swollen back with a red whip mark and explained that he was flogged by soldiers in Benin, along Airport road.

When asked what he said to anger the soldiers, he said that he was in a car when the soldiers tried to board the vehicle.

He explained that the soldiers, who were dressed in mufti, looked into the car then commented that he is a criminal looking for who to “run”. Not knowing that they are soldiers, he said he hit back at them, asking if he has “run” them before.

The soldiers entered the vehicle then when they got to the front of their base, they got down from the car and dragged him down before assaulting him.

Read His Narration in Pidgin English, As Obtained Below:

Dis was wat soldiers did to me in Benin along Airport road for freedom of speech not insult oo pls beware of them

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