A married woman who has confessed having sexual relations with her 13-year-old son has cried out on social media seeking help from relationship expert, Tima.

In a note she penned to Tima captured on by 042Baze, the woman whose identity was not obtained at the time of filing this report disclosed that her husband has been away for as long time so she has been starved of se.x.

According to her, anytime she is horny she asks her mum to bring her son over to for him to have intercourse for him and though she admits what she is doing is ungodly she thinks it is better than cheating on her husband.

She expressed fears in divorcing her husband as the 100 dollars she receives from him despite not seeing him is better hence she want to stay in their long distance marriage and has asked Tima to advice her on what do.


The image published in this article is for illustrative purposes and does not represent the actual person figure.

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