Ladies should be careful of the men they use as ‘mugu’ eat their money and dump them for another richer guy.

Some men are not nice guys and may go any length to harm you even if it means rolling crystal or using black magic just as in the case of this young pretty lady.

In a viral video making waves online, a fresh university student has gone mad after dumping the man she promised to marry after graduating.

In the video, the lady was seen n@k3d on the street and you could tell that this madness is not normal.

According to reports, the said lady had agreed to marry the man immediately she graduates from the university which made him cater for her by providing and paying all her school bills from Junior High School, up to university level.

It was said that after her graduation, she now felt the man was not her class and so decided to dump him for another younger and richer man.

It was alleged that out of anger and broken heart the man consulted the help of a native doctor to place a curse on her which led to her madness.

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