Social media trolls have pounced on reality TV star, Rebecca Nengi Hampson, fondly called Nengi after she joined the viral TikTok Bussit Challenge.

If you’ve been on social media in the last few days, you’ll have come across the Buss It Challenge. The trend originated on TikTok but has soon spread to Twitter and Instagram, where users have been sharing their favorite versions.

The Buss It Challenge sees an individual begin the video in casual clothing, messy hair and no makeup, dancing while facing the camera. When the beat drops, you drop to the floor into the Buss It pose, transitioning into a glamorous outfit with hair and makeup to the nines.

BBNaija star, Nengi made a mess of her version after she hastily posted the second part of the challenge without the full video. Trolls took no time in dragging her for the awkward video.

Watch it below:

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