Nollywood Star actress, Tayo Odueke who is popularly known as Sikiratu Sindodo has kicked off crusade in going to primary schools to campaign say no to drugs.

While addressing some little kids at a notable school she revealed that there have been increase in the use of drugs amongst our youths.

“We are all aware of the daily increase of illegal use of drugs amongst our Teens and Youths. Drugs like Codeine, Tramadol, Morphine,Rephnol, Marijuana and the likes drugs that we take for granted,these drugs are not found on the street alone,they are majorly found in our homes.

The increase is alarming and heartbreaking, do we wait till every household has a victim of these deadly habits, and then we start begging the Government for rehabilitation we surely have bigger problems that we want the Government to do.

Instead of focusing on the old, A JUST SAY NO AWARENESS CAMPAIGN is to raise and increase awareness against drug abuse amongst teens and youths,to encourage them to understand the positive aspects of not doing drugs, encourage them to leave a drug free life as they are unaware of the long-term effects and damage caused by these drugs.

Let’s use our voices,its loud ,we can do it,lets help our teens and Youth to JUST SAY NO to these dangerous habits that influences them into these life wrecking habit.

Please join me in this movement,
Lets save our children,lets cut this stem now, before it becomes a tree, we are the government ,its all our social responsibility,i can’t do it all alone.lets fight this cause together”,
Sindodo said.