Nollywood Actress, Destiny Etiko has opened up on her excursion through the serious Nigerian film industry, ‘Nollywood’.

Destiny Etiko is honored with a ‘coke-bottle’ shape and this has driven numerous into accepting that her ‘bends’ opened entryways of chance for her.

In any case, in an ongoing meeting, the entertainer exposed such hypotheses while taking note of that one needs to have substance to flourish in the business. As per her, she’s likewise an offspring of effortlessness.

Talking with Saturday Beats, Etiko said

“having a nice shape was not what made me popular, whether you’re sexy or not you must have content. You can’t be a star by being beautiful or fair or voluptuous. Sexiness and beauty can only make people like you but it won’t keep you there for long.

“My ‘sexiness’ didn’t give me any special privilege, although it’s an added advantage. Another thing that helped me is that I carry grace. When you have the grace to make it, no one can stop you.”