Tiwa Savage, a Nigerian vocalist cum-lyricist, has prodded that she may need to go exposed in her next melodic video shoot so as to beat the awards her last task got.

The 40-year-old vocalist, who as of late put out ’44-99′, a melody which was joined by point by point visuals, was addressing BBC on what’s in store from her expected collection entitled ‘Celia’.

“I may very well need to go butt exposed in my next video, since I don’t have the foggiest idea what else I will need to do to top that one!,” Tiwa Savage said.

“Furthermore, just to put it out there, this was done in Nigeria. All the cast is Nigerian, the executive, the AP, everyone is Nigerian.

“I love the way that I could introduce this to the mark and state this was done in Africa by Africans, this is the thing that we can do. Envision when you put resources into us significantly more, you would get stunning work.”

Talking on what fans are to pay special mind to as the COVID-19 pandemic keeps on demoralizing showbiz discharges, Tiwa said she may wind up shooting her next video at home utilizing her iPhone.

“We’re experiencing this pandemic, so the thought was I need to tell them that I’m as yet a chief, that I’m as yet wonderful, that I’m as yet African,” she clarified.

“Individuals have been super imaginative with it which is astounding. The collection is an entire blend of the feelings an African lady experiences: love, yearning, being bossy, being hot, being powerless.

“The entirety of that is the thing that I think the cutting edge African lady is, and that is the thing that I needed to depict. It’s truly contacted my heart to see that individuals are making some hard memories during this. I mean we’re honored to be at home, we have light, we can accumulate nourishment for quite a long time on the off chance that we need to.

“In any case, there’s certain individuals who can’t, individuals who just have cash for now or nourishment for now. So this pandemic has truly held nothing back from the genuine circumstance of where the world is at the present time.”

A year ago, Tiwa had left Don Jazzy’s Mavin Records and joined the Universal Music Group (UMG), a US music organization that gloats of artistes like Rihanna, Taylor Swift, and Lady Gaga.

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