Can we ever get enough of Nengi and Ozo?, well I don’t know about you but I certainly can’t as they have continued to prove that time avails you enough opportunity to build your relationship and understand your partner.

Normally Ozo and Nengi should be in a relationship, after all when handsome meets beauty, what left is build something on the time you have together, knowing fully well that in the BBNaija house, you are not privillage to have enough time for your self as Eviction could take place anytime.

but in the case of Ozo and Nengi they have been lucky to build their relationship on something no matter how tangible, they believe it will grow into something big and beautiful.

earlier today Ozo told Nengi his love interest that he would love his Children to have Like Nengi.

And Nengi Replied that “she would love to have a family like that of Ozo as she never really got to grow up in a close Knit family like that of Ozo’s. and would want herself and her kids to experience that”.

Ozo and Nengi have been taking it slow in their relationship, as they get to know each other better, and their friendship have lasted more than that of other Couple Relationship.

As Ozo continues to prove how geninue his love for Nengi is,even without saying to openly after a couple of rejection from Her, Ozo is Still proving a point that he puts Nengi first, and Nengi’s heart at the moment is at a cross road, as we can see in late night Pictures, where she has woken up a few times just to watch prince

charming,sleep quietly despite being close to the lady he is attracted to. this shows how mature relationship wise Ozo is.

It will still remain a beautiful tale weather or not they manage to establish a relationship.

what we all know is that they have kept giving viewers, Couple goal on how relationship should look like, as Ozo has proven that patience is a virtue, everyone needs to have.

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