In this article I present to you the picture of Laycon alone in the garden that got people talking on social media.

Well Laycon and 5 other housemates got nominated for possible eviction tonight in a new twist. The housemates nominated two candidates for possible evictions each and Laycon and some others names appear more than two times.

After big brother announced the names of two housemates up for eviction Laycon went straight to the garden alone and was looking through the mirror.

This action generated a whole lot of reactions from fans on social media with many sharing the opinion that he is thinking of this might be his last week in the house. But if only he can see outside the house and know that people really love him.

A fan wrote his heart will be racing like have I come to the end of my stay in this house?. What did you make of this picture of Laycon thinking in the garden.

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