One if the biggest program in Nigeria, Big Brother Naija is about to about to starts it series for the your 2019 and it Audition starts this week end so here we bring to you an insight on how to survive this phase.

Firstly, you should know an audition is an interview that is if you don’t comport yourself well you fall out.

However, an audition could be the one that will skyrocket your career to a whole new level if you’re picked. So you ready for the big break into that Big Brother house? Follow the list below!

1. Get to the venue as early as possible: The BBNaija audition starts at 7 am. So it’s better you get to the venue at 6 am.

2. Avoid carrying unnecessary stuff. Vital items only (Int’l passport and Phones)

3. Go there with a bottle or amount of bottles of water you wish to stay hydrated.

4. Pay attention and obey all on- ground rules and instructions.

5. Take a lot of energy and swag with you to the audition.