It’s been ten Solid years since we last saw the cast, from the one of the best action movie Legend of the Seeker.
Here, is a quick reminder of what the movies is all about.

A young man( Richard) is destined to save man kind, from an evil ruthless tyrant Darken Rahl, who has laid waste to many lands, and killed so many people.
He first doesn’t want to accept the fact, that he is the chosen one, until he if forced to fight army sent to kill him, and a confessor Kahlan.

He continues to travel, and starts his training with a wizard, Zeddicus Zu’l Zorander, and while on his quest he finds out that the man, he is destined to kill is his brother.

Back when this movies was shot, all of them were very young, but some much has changed over the last 10 years, including our favourite character’s in the movie. Let’s take a look how these characters, look like now and their current age.

1. Kahlan Amnell

Her real name is Bridget Regan, and she is an American actress born in 3rd of February 1983, which makes her 38 years as of this year.
She still looks beautiful, and is happily married to her husband Eamon O’sullivan, and both of have 2 children. Let take a look some of her pictures now.

2. Richard Rahl

His real name is Criag Horner, and he was also born in 1983 so he is 38 years too.
He is an actor, and also a musician too. Unfortunately, he is not yet married and from research I made, there is no record of him being in a relationship,or even having a child.
He is kind of the person, that keep his love life private. Here are his recent pictures.

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